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Shenzhen Ferei Lighting Co., Ltd.

LED headlamps, LED bicycle lights, LED dive lights, LED flashlights, LED hunting lamps

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    3rd Industrial Zone, Xiakeng Village, Tongle, Longgang, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Ferei Lighting designs and manufactures a cutting edge range of portable lighting products for recreational, military and workplace applications. Ferei portable lights are ideal for active lifestyles: everything from biking, diving, underwater videography to hunting, hiking, camping, boating, or fishing. Ferei was founded in 2006 with an attitude of creativity and innovation. It has since leapt forward with the release of state-of-the-art lighting solutions. With a focus on sustainable practices, performance engineering, responsible manufacturing and inventive thinking in product design, Ferei has built a reputation for as a company of innovation and influence.

Ferei's flagship products include LED headlamps, LED bicycle lights, LED dive lights, LED flashlights and LED hunting lamps. The Ferei headlamps are designed and built on the premise of offering unequalled performance, uncompromising comfort and unsurpassed value. Igniting new technological breakthroughs in outdoor sports gear technology, every Ferei headlamp combines ergonomic design, dependable performance, light weight, durable and water-resistant construction to make one killer headlamp. Ferei has an exclusive collection of bicycle lights with whimsical design and superior functionality. Ferei bicycle lights provide maximum visibility and rock solid reliability that are critical for tough use during both on and off-road riding. Ferei's professional line of LED dive lights offer divers as well as underwater photographers and videographers a reliable source of crisp white light to cut through murky water with minimal backscatter. The LED flashlights by Ferei deliver robust performance over extended battery life and offer versatile lighting options to suit a multitude of applications including military, police, security, fire and rescue, camping, hiking, and hunting.

Ferei's products are constructed with the highest quality materials, engineered to highest industry standards, and manufactured using the latest technology and machinery available on the market to ensure their highest performance and reliability. Ferei has a dedicated, ISO 9001 compliant facility in Shenzhen. The complete innovative family of Ferei products are created in-house utilizing the latest computer aided design and undergo a series of specialized tests and long-term evaluation to ensure their products stand out in the competition with uncompromising quality.
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